34.5x27 cm Wheel of Life Thanka

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This beautifully painted thanka is of Wheel of life or known as Samsara or Bhabachakra.

The thangka/thanka wheel of life vividly  illustrates  the essence of the Buddha’s  teachings,  simply  the Four Nobel Truths i.e.  suffering, its origin and cause, the prevention of such suffering  and the  path to  liberation from suffering or attainment of  nirvana. It also presents the belief  of reincarnation in Buddhism depicting that all the lives in the  present or the next one are the results of  one’s karmas/ deeds .

Here, the god of death Yama is holding the wheel which comprises all the causes and effects of the karma done.The wheel can be divided into three circles i.e. the innermost , middle and the last ,biggest circle. The central circle symbolically represents three defects such as ignorance, lust and greed and anger.envy and hatred through three different animals like pig , rooster and snake respectively.Likewise animals are shown biting each others' tails representing that these defects are interconnected and are main cause of suffering.

Then the middle one is separated as a white part where people are heading to heaven and in the black part people are kept in chain and dragging down towards hell.

Following circle is divided into six world where human are supposed to reborn depending on the degree of merits and demerits. Upper three parts are considered as heaven and the lower as hell.

The last biggest circle consists of twelve parts with different scenes presenting causes and effects.

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