27x27 cm Kalachakra Mandala (SOLD OUT)


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This beautifully painted mandala is done by a master with intense care using 24k gold and color  and is known as Kalachakra which means life cyle (Kal : Time and Chakra : cycle) Mandala.Most popular form of kalachakra mandala is Sand mandala done by using colorful sand power by monks as a pray for peace and physical balance in the universe.

Mandala,basically is a geometrical structure which symbolizes the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism.It is represented by a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side or just in the center and is used most importantly in Tantric Buddhism as a fundamental instrument of meditation.

The very basic model of a mandala is a series of concentric circles following square structure comprising four gates.Each of these gateways is decorated with bells, garlands and other decorative items. Further more this square form represents the architecture of  a four-sided palace or temple or monastery.

Eventually, the innermost  center of the mandala is considered as the sacred place of the deity, with whom the mandala is identified or named. Hence, a mandala is considered and venerated as the purest and sacred land of the buddha and other deities.At the central, there might be Buddha (Five  Transcendent Buddhas or Dhyani Buddhas),Chengrezig(Four armed & Thousand armed),Manjushree( tib;Zyambeyang),Vairab(Mahakala),Vajrapani and sometimes different symbols such as vajra,om,double vajra,lotus,auspicious symblos are placed instead of the deities which brings variation in types of the mandala.

In  Buddhism the purpose of a mandala is to put an end to human suffering, to attain enlightenment and to realise and attain a correct view of Reality or to discover spirituality or divinity within one's own self.

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